How Do I Get On Google?


How Do I Get On Google?

Well, friend, you are going to need a website!  If you haven`t already got one, your own website, get one for free, with hosting, here,the only two categories that are banned are Porn, and Guns.  This is a website that you can build and take anywhere to be hosted.

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How Do I Get On Google

It`s actually very easy to “get on Google”!  Why?  Because Google uses “web crawlers” bots, or spiders to you and me, they will find your website if you do absolutely nothing more than just create one!  No need for sitemaps, or any type of SEO, they just find it!  So long as it is set up correctly, you will have no difficulty in getting “Indexed” by Google.

Getting Indexed just means that they (Google) have found your site, and added it to their library of sites.

The next thing that you want to happen, is for your site to be “ranked”, Rankings improve the more your authority increases, and implement both off page, and on page SEO.

  For those of you who don`t know, SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation. 

So lets talk about on page, and off page seo, this is a huge topic, and as the purpose of this site is to provide you with enough information so that you can reasonably expect to start seeing cash coming your way, in as short a time frame as possible through content marketing and good SEO.

I will just skim the surface of it, enough so you can reasonably expect to get a good position on  google for some of your posts.

  There are many sites out there which will dive into the topic of seo, with great gusto!

  A word of advice, don`t get involved in black hat seo, it will only damage your site down the road.


G-Mail Account


Get a G-mail account!  It is easy and free to do, and will grant you access to the many services and products that google have, which all help you in your business, from being allowed to create a YouTube account, to using Google Docs to keep track of your links, to using Analytics to track where your traffic is coming from, which page/post attracts the most traffic, and it can even make site verification in Bing Webmaster Tools a walk in the park!


All-In-One SEO Plugin


One of the most popular plugins for off page SEO, alongside another plugin called Yoast, which is better? purely down to personal preference.  I use the above plugin, because that is what I learned how to use, no other reason!  It has the fields for Google Analytics, Pinterest, YouTube, and Bing, and a few others.  It is easy to use, generates sitemaps, and is pretty much set and forget.  Oh, did I mention it is free too? This plugin helps with off page seo.  As I build this out further, there will be an article on this on plugin

How To Do SEO On A Post


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Cheat sheet!

  1. Keyword in the Post Title
  2. Keyword in the first paragraph
  3. Keyword in the last paragraph
  4. Keyword in the Meta Title
  5. Keyword in the Meta Description
  6. An internal link within the post, to somewhere on YOUR site
  7. One External Link within the post, to an AUTHORITY site
  8. Alt tags filled in for images

These steps are called “on page seo” , these are the steps that you take within your editor, on your site when you are content marketing.  Off Page seo, involves things that you do away from your site, things like social sharing, using google search console for the URL inspection, and don`t forget to do the same in Bing!

If you feel comfortable doing it, make a short video, or embed one from YouTube.




Just going to touch briefly on Keywords, as you can see from the cheat sheet, they feature quite heavily in “on page” SEO.  A keyword is a word or phrase (also known as long-tail keywords) that people use when they are looking for something on the internet.

When you go to google, or search engine of choice, and start typing, just below the search bar , as you type, the most frequent searches made appear as you type, the search engines try to help you by showing the most searched for terms, sentences are a good example of long tailed keywords.

Finding a good keyword is a skill!  There are, of course, a lot of tools out there that will help you when you are doing your research, but remember it should always be relevant, and have as low a competition as possible.  I have a favourite I use which is free, and I will talk about it in another post, the reason being, taking into account the title of this article, I am competing against Google itself for the search term, so this article is unlikely to achieve any sort of good positioning in the search results.


I wrote this article to try and explain the process, and the steps necessary to ensure that the search engines will find you, for the benefit of my readers.

Steps Needed For Google

First thing to do is register your site on the search engines, so go to google, and type in “google search console”


screenshot of google search consoleHopefully you are starting to see how hard it is to get the first place, Google itself is competing against 572,000,000 sites for that same search term!  There is only one Google Search Console, you know that, I know that, these are sites that are trying to imitate, sites that are not in the google search console, they are indexed, and so show up in search.  So do not be discouraged when you see how many sites there are for that same search term.

This applies to YOUR site too! do not be discouraged!

It is here, in the search console, that you will let google know about your site (it`s called “property”)

It will generate a code for you to place in your “header” code, or in another location, so that you can verify you own the site, once that has been done, you can then go to Bing Webmaster tools, where there is the option to import the verification details from google! It gives the option, “copy and paste the code below into your site, blah blah”

Just import from Google!

once you have done that, go to Google analytics, and get the tracking code for your site, and paste it into the All-In-One Seo plugin, and that is it! done!  You can now track where your visitors to your site are coming from.  Awesome!  Because it is Google, there are loads of tutorials on the many features available to you!

But it is in Analytics that you will get the tracking code for the All In One Seo plugin.  then it is just a simple matter of copy and paste.  Set, forget, now this article is just skimming the surface, for now, getting indexed by Google is the main priority, getting into the top rankings, is something else altogether, you need to publish content regularly, the content needs to be relevant to the title, and it must be fresh, i.e. not copy pasted from somewhere else, and it must contain optimised images, with the information completed, in order to comply with google readers.  This how you will get on google!

Hope this helps, please, leave a comment below if you need help, or just to let me know if I have forgotten anything!

Look out for the next article, as well, gonna be a belter!  So, until next time guys.