How To Create A Website Business

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How To Create A Website Business

Table of Contents

    1. How To Create A Website Business –  The Concept
    2. Why WordPress
    3. Niche Selection
    4. Content Marketing



so, in this post I will be talking about  how to create a website business on the Internet, if you would like me to help you build a business, building websites for local clients, please leave a comment below.


 Creating a website business is both very rewarding, and quite terrifying !  All the questions, “how do I start?”  “what do I have to do?” “how will it make money?” “how much will it cost?” “with billions of sites out there, how will they find mine?” and a thousand and one other doubts and questions.  I will talk about how to get started, and help you get noticed on the Web.

The first thing you need to focus on, is who is my audience? that is to say. who am I trying to help?  what problems am I offering a solution to?

To narrow it down, let`s say that you are a handyman, your neighbour asks you how to fix his fence, which has blown down, and you just say, “take the the old post out, and put a new one in” and it is as easy as that.

Broken fence post

or maybe say, cut the panels down and change the location of the fence posts, both methods work, but if you drill down, on how to get the old post out, you would know that you use a ring screwed into the top of the sunken post, and the broken stump of post to lever it out, after you have dug around it a bit, loosened the old cement that supports it in place.  Common sense right?

Have a look at this screen shot I took

showing keywords


This was taken from a keyword tool, (its ok, its a free one! and the program I used to take the screenshot is free too!, but more about that later) So, as of today, 5th February 2020, on AVERAGE, based over a 3 month period,121 people are looking, on Google how to repair a fence post,  and you can expect 21 of them to land on your site.

Quoted Search Results

Ok, so using the broken fence, as an inspiration for explaining what needs to be done, if you explain the process fully, you will get on the first page of Google, which is where you want to be, and if you put a link from Home depot, or B&Q here in the UK, and someone buys, the metal bullring with the square baseplate for say, a £5, you get a commission,call it an advertisers fee, as you have introduced someone to their product.

It costs exactly the same if you were to actually physically go to the shop and buy it over the counter!

That is exactly how the process works!  No fluff!

The above example of a broken fence shows what people are looking for, so when creating a website business, remember that what you are doing is finding peoples ” pain point “, or to put it another way, finding out what their problem is, and providing a solution to that particular problem.

  If you think you understand now, the “how” then go ahead and create your own website below, this website will be “live” and you can build it out as you wish, best of all, it is FREE to do, and has Free hosting too! go ahead, check it out!

Build YOUR Site NOW!



So, thats the process, essentially, couple of other things need to be done first as well,so, when you are just starting to create a website business there are a couple of things you definitely need, hosting is probably the most important!

There are a lot of hosting companies out there, some with the cpanel, some without, The cpanel is mainly used to load the framework of whichever content management system you use, the content management system used by BlueSeasDigital, is WordPress.

Oh, if you use the widget, (yes, it`s called a widget) to build a free website, you also get access to the first 10 lessons, of 50, towards certification, more to see if it is a “fit” for you than anything else!  If for any reason you can`t access it, the first ten lessons, then try here. 

Of course, after the ten free lessons, you will then need to subscribe, think of it as buying an education on your new journey, after all, how many students do you know that are buying /paying for knowledge?  one of the first videos, from the resident mentor, that I would strongly recommend is this one, go ahead, check it out! 


Why WordPress


Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay


Basically, because it is free, it can be used for mom and pop type of business, as well as large companies, there are thousands of “themes” available, most are free, but some you have to pay for.

The main reason to use wordpress, is the functionality of the platform, think of it as electricity, you can get plugins, which help the site look better and perform better!  A good way to think of it is, you have a television, and you plugin a dvd player to improve what you can watch,( yes, I know about firesticks too), that is a good way to think about plugins.

But I get ahead of myself.  WordPress can be used fresh out of the box, by virtually anyone, no special coding knowledge is necessary, so that makes it perfect for pretty much any one! It is used by websites all over the world, and with the ability and fluidity of being able to change things whenever you like from the easy to use dashboard that you see when you log in.

Ok, so now we know the “how” we need to find the “what”


Niche Selection



This is the step where most people falter, it is not that hard, once you understand what a niche is, it is a group of people who are likely to be interested in what you are promoting,


niche magazines

As you can see, there are a lot of niche magazines in your local supermarket, or book shop, on the bottom shelf, there is a publication called horse rider, who would be the likely target market for that?  the market for the good housekeeping publication will be different to that of the horse rider magazine, with different amounts of disposable income.

It is the people who buy the magazines, that is the niche!

It is important that you choose a niche that you know a lot about, and are interested in, because the way you are going to get noticed on the internet is through a model called “content marketing”


Content Marketing


Content marketing is simply writing articles about your chosen subject, mainly reviews, but events you attend are also relevant, so long as they are niche related, put lots of your own photographs on the articles, because the way your are found is by having relevant content on your website, this is by far the best way as it is free to do, however, it is important to remember that the search engines will always serve up the most relevant content first, then newer articles further down the page, search engines are always crawling the internet looking for fresh content, so it is important to remember that you will need to write approximately three new articles a week in order to start gaining traction in the search page results.

If you are a little bit confused about content marketing, hopefully this article will explain it better than my clumsy attempt!

Another way to attract visitors to your website business, is through paid advertising, and I will talk about that in a later post

If you have a specific question/insight relating to how to create a website business, please leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading, I hope I have helped to clarify the basic things you need to do in order to create a successful website business.