About Steve

Hi, I`m Steve,

I`ve been doing Internet marketing for a few years now, and, after paying out a lot of money on various courses/products, being bored to death by laconic accents droning on and on,in various YouTube videos, I have managed to partially decode the mystery of internet marketing.

Like you, I knew that people were making money from the Internet, and quite a lot of it too, if photos were to be believed!

I never really had the time/inclination to pursue it further, as I was doing ok, then disaster struck in the form of a medical condition which forced me to re-evaluate how I made money, and I had to resign my position due to health issues.

That was when I started to really investigate how to make money online.

To say I was a Magnificent failure is an




One of my first attempts was to promote a clickbank product, which, I researched, and discovered a market for it, I bought a domain name for 99p, about a dollar, US, and then did a redirect to the product, from the domain name, something I had seen done on YouTube, great! I then tried to market the domain name, (promote it), thats when I found out the pay per click burns! if not done right!

Now, after 5 years of trying to crack the code, as it were, I have finally been able to make money from the internet, and it is the purpose of this site to help everyone who wants to learn how to harness the internet to make money from it,

Good luck and best wishes.






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